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In today’s world everybody wants to have a Home Theatre. The cost of going to the movies has sky-rocketed plus you lose the intimacy of a small gathering. Having your own Home Theatre allows you to entertain a few friends or just simply enjoy the privacy of your own home.

Before you go out and start buying, there are a few things you need to think about. You need to know what essentials you will need to successfully set up your theater room. The size of your room will determine what size TV you need. If your room is very large you might want to consider getting a projector.

You will also need to consider what type lighting is in the room. If the room receives direct sunlight you will need to install curtains or shades that block the light. You will need to have some type lighting that will not glare nor distract from what you are viewing.

If your room has carpeting you will need to research what type sound system you will need since carpeting absorbs and muffles the sound. Probably the most popular type sound system is surround sound which gives you the effect of being right in the middle of the action.

Essential Elements

There are several factors that come into play when you are setting up your Home Theatre. It is possible that you already have several items that you will be putting into your Home Theatre. There are certain elements that are essential in any Home Theatre such as a TV or some type video display unit, a DVD player, speakers, and all of the cables needed for the connections.

If you are beginning your Home Theatre from scratch you are probably looking at spending a minimum of $1,000 on equipment alone.

If your Home Theatre requires any minor construction such as housing for the TV and providing mounts for the speakers you can expect to spend more.

When it comes to the bottom line, you have to ask yourself how much you want to put into your Home Theatre. You can spend a lot of money or you can scale down and use some of the elements you already have in your house. By starting small you will be able to add items to the room as you get the money. There are no iron-clad rules; your Home Theatre should be tailored to suit your needs.

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Mission 79DS 2 Way On-wall/Bookshelf Surround Speakers (Pair)
Mission 79DS 2 Way On-wall/Bookshelf Surround Speakers (Pair)
Our Price: $450.00 Call on 1300 859 905

Mission 79ds bipolar speakers for the rear channels in a home cinema set-up, featuring cones positioned at different angles to create excellent rear effects. These speakers combine Mission's 30 years of experience and craftsmanship into a high performance speaker. Mission 7 series loudspeakers have always been afforded the highest respect, both in critical listening and for their iconic style. The 79ds are no exception and embraces this tradition with aplomb, elevating the performance and design to new heights. A perfect match for other speakers in the Mission 7 series for a full home cinema set-up.
Mission MHTDS 2 Way on-wall/Bookshelf Surround Speakers (Pair)
Mission MHTDS 2 Way on-wall/Bookshelf Surround Speakers (Pair)
List Price: $599.00

Mission MHTDS Surround Rear Speakers Ambience is necessary to create spatial awareness and to set the limits of the sound field. When a voice is heard in an enclosed space, it should sound as such, with a slight ambient reverb. Different environments produce different ambient effects. They may only be slight differences but these differences are essential to that sense of realism and space.The MHT series has been designed to combat these differences at a great price.
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