It took Sonos a while to dab into home theatre, the Playbar released in 2013 is their first home theatre solution. They have since released Playbase, Beam, Amp and now the Sonos Arc (which supersedes Playbar & Playbase).

There has been many questions regarding which is best for what purpose and we are here to add clarity to the Sonos home theatre solutions.

Sonos Beam: perfect for small to medium size living rooms. If you want to enhance the sound of your TV, it’s also perfect for the bedroom.

Sonos Amp: If you have a beautiful pair of speaker which you want to bring to life with power, connectivity and the wonders of Sonos, the Sonos amp is your go-to.
The Sonos Amp offers HDMI for your TV, Analog for AUX input, RCA Subwoofer out to use your own sub or add the Sonos Sub wirelessly. Class D digital amps at 125 watts per channel into 8 ohms the Sonos Amp is sure to fire up to extremely demanding floor standing speakers.

Sonos Arc is the latest release offering Dolby Atmos. Packing in 11 Class D digital amplifiers for 11 speakers finely tuned and integrated into the sleek modern design of the Sonos Arc.
The Arc is perfect for larger living rooms on it’s own, though if you add the Sonos Sub, it automatically sends all the low frequencies to the Sub and the Arc now concentrates on midrange + high frequencies which allows it to reache a much higher volume.

Airplay 2, TruePlay Tuning, and Google Assist / Amazon Alexa are natively built into Beam & Arc.
Trueplay Tuning is available on Amp when used in conjunction with Sonos/Sonance speakers in-ceiling or in-wall speakers) - not the outdoor version, which are available from the Sonos website.
Google Assist / Amazon Alexa can control the Sonos Amp through Google Home / Amazon Alexa voice enabled devices.