Watching a movie is a to-go family activity for a lot of families. Why not kick it up a notch by throwing an outdoor movie night or even a family movie night in the backyard. Building an outdoor movie theater is a lot easier than it sounds. From a barebone system to a full-fledged outdoor movie theater it's all now a click away. Let's take a look at setting up a basic home cinema system and then how to change some components into making it a top-notch movie theater with epic sound and video quality.


So first things first, the most important thing in an outdoor theater is a projector. The whole point behind an outdoor theater is a big screen and the easiest way to setup a big screen outdoors is using a projector. The modern projectors are so technologically advanced that they will provide bright and crisp images for your families movie under the stars.

A projector’s light output is measured in lumens, and for outdoor viewing, you should look for a projector with at least 2000 lumens.

When you think about projectors you have the option of choosing a UST or Ultra short throw projectors. In this situation, if you are setting up bookshelf speakers, the table you are using to setup the projector can double up a space to keep the speakers as well.

Acer ApexVision L812 UST boasts Crystal clear, vivid images with a brightness of up to 4,000 lumens while the Viewsonic X1000-4K UST is another option with a max brightness of 2,400 LED Lumens for brilliant images anytime. UST’s are your best option if you don't have much space in your backyard and still want a 100 “ or more screen size.

On the other hand UST projectors maybe a bit on the pricey side. Acer H6541BD full HD projector boasts a maximum brightness of 4000 Lumens Brightness while being kind on the pockets. Another great option is the Optoma UHD35+ 4K  projector which also has a maximum brightness of 4000 lumens.

A projector screen

Yes you need one. The content thats available nowadays are top notch that it will be unfair to watch it bouncing off on the side wall of your house. To get the right colors and textures of your visuals you need a proper projector screen.

So the next best thing that immediately comes to your mind will be to pull up a big white sheet. It will still give you a decent image, but still not the best and with this option setting it up will also be a huge headache as you need the screen to be firmly tied on to something that it doesnt flutter about with every breeze.

If you are looking for the best image for your projector, then take a look at the Elite Screens Yard Master 2 Projection screen. The screen itself is a CineWhite tensioned front  projection material

Which is rated for 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D. Bonus points for the light weigh aluminium square tube construction and single piece frame. Easy to assemble and disassemble  and store as well.


Worse case scenario you can use the inbuilt speakers on the projector, but hey we are not looking for mediocre performance at this point in time.

There is an audio out coming from the projector anyway and so if you have powered speakers that will go a long way for your movie cinema experience.

Here also you can go two ways, the first one being using a no drama sound bar with a subwoofer which will give amazing sound quality for your family's entertainment.

Take a look at Harman Kardon SB26 Soundbar and wireless subwoofer offers dual HDMI input with Audio Relay Channel (ARC), Bluetooth Streaming, and On-screen Display via HDMI and is easily controlled with your media player remote.

The second way to go is using a powered bookshelf monitors. Take a look at the Klipsch R15PM Wireless Powered monitors. Klipsch R-Series R-15PM Powered Monitors frees you from the requirement of the additional amplifier with a wireless connection, digital and analog inputs, and a dedicated individual custom design amplifier.

Media Player

Yes you got your screen setup, projector aligned and ready to watch but what are you going to watch.? The days of the good old Bluerays and DVD’s are gone. So you need a streaming device, that can plug into your projectors HDMI input and use your home wifi to open the world on streaming media. You might need an extra power plug in this situation unless its  something like an Amazon Fire TV that draws power from projectors USB slot.

What extra’s you might need.

Powerchords, wifi extender , bug repellants, mats outdoor seating, Coolers are just a few that we think are good to have’s for your outdoor movie nights.