Forget about widescreen TV’s and discover the beauty of projectors! Projectors can re-invent any living space into a luxe cinematic experience. At the forefront of home entertainment, projects are highly versatile and flexible, a unit that never stops giving. Projectors offer many of the features that TVs do with added benefits and perks that you may not be aware of. Here are some myths about home cinema projectors.

  1. Projectors are way too expensive – nope, Projectors are very good value for money Projectors can reach up to 300 inches allowing incredibly large displays at a fraction of the cost of a similarly sized TV. What’s even better is that projects can disappear with the touch of a button, whereas TVs are largely permanent and hard to hide when not in use. Projects are so much more flexible and versatile, especially for those with smaller living spaces. Maintenance costs are also low as most projectors have lamps and laser light sources which are built to last. For those that are strapped for cash, projectors are definitely a great alternative for a cinematic experience in your living area.
  2. You should only use projectors for big events; nope, you can use it to watch anything Enhance your home entertainment system with up to 300 inches of action for movies and sports. Then watch your everyday programmes at 70 inches, perfect for a touch of luxury every day. With projectors you have the flexibility to adjust the screen size to suit the programme. Most home cinema projectors work in daylight and use long-lasting components, so there are no limitations to using projectors.
  3. Way too hard to setup a projector; just as easy as TV Many people believe that projectors need to be installed on a ceiling but this isn’t the case. Many projectors can be mounted on simply a stable surface. There’s no need to call builders in! Have all your devices connected at once! Projects come with up to 3 HDMI ports, allowing many consoles to be connected at once. You can plug and play with game consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players!
  4. You need dark spaces for projectors Many people believe that projects can only be viewed in a dark room from experience at school or cinemas. New technology has meant that projects can be displayed in daylight as well in full colour and brightness. Home cinema projectors can deliver bright and colourful images, even in normal daylight. This means you can use a projector just like a TV for everyday news and soaps – not just movie nights.