Whether you are an avid home theatre enthusiast or not-so technologically savvy, almost anybody would appreciate the new Pioneer SC-LX901. It is the first model in Pioneer’s Elite receiver line. For many home theatre enthusiasts, the receiver is at the upper end of the market. Whilst it is a little pricey at $3999, it is well worth the coin. The best feature I have found is definitely the 11 amplifier channels (in Direct Energy HD technology). One can really appreciate the high-quality of sound and the extraordinary level of depth the music which has the ability to transform a living room into a cinema. The unit creates such a luxe home cinematic experience. It also has a solid 5-year manufacturer warranty which I cannot complain about but doubt that I will have to use, as the unit has been made so seamlessly and to a very high standard. Using the unit to view movies has been effortlessly amazing with the 3D ready features (Blu-ray Disc™, Broadcast, and Games). The receiver provides excellent channel integration of the numerous sound effects, creating a seamless effect with great height and width. The pioneer makes listening to music and watching movies more fun, enjoyable and a truly holistic experience. It isn’t every day that you find a unit with such immense power, comparable to a cinematic experience itself. While there are many options at this price point, the pioneer is definitely my favorite unit with excellent features and ergonomics.

The SC-LX901 also works with Sonos Connect. This has been very handy by allowing music to be streamed in the home theatre itself very easily. I found the set up and installation quite simple with the application. The best feature would have to be playing around with the volume function through the Sonos app. It is very easy for the less technologically skilled to use. What many love about the Pioneer unit is the design. You can really appreciate the time the designers have put into the shape and feel of the unit. The aesthetics are simple, minimalist and clean. Even the remote control is easy to use and not cluttered with a million buttons like other brands. The remote control has a large input selector and master volume dials flank the central LCD. There is a standby/ on button and a drop- down door that hides additional controls. Behind the drop-down door, you'll find several control buttons, a headphone jack, a USB input, an HDMI input, and a setup microphone input for Pioneer's proprietary MCACC (Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration) Pro room correction software. Again, with the simple designs, it makes the unit much easier for less tech-savvy family members to use. The only downfall is that the Pioneer can be a bit slow with the remote control. However, the mobile application does solve the speed problem and I would recommend others to use the app rather than the remote itself. Honestly, the LX901 is the best sounding receiver from Pioneer. It is powerful, high quality and seamless. The unit truly elevates the user experience with music and videos. The simple and minimalist remote control and Sonos app enhances accessibility and user control.