Bowers & Wilkins


Bowers & Wilkins has been polishing their unique Fixed Surround Technology midrange and Nautilus tapered tube tweeter technologies for over three decades, applying them consistently across their range of reference studio monitors, high end floorstanders, mainstream bookshelves and lifestyle loudspeaker systems.

At Digital Cinema, our dedicated B&W showrooms & listening areas help you feel all the life like vocals, scale and warmth that have made B&W a staple deployment at top recording studios worldwide.


Formation Suite

The Highest Form of Sound.

Great entertainment deserves great audio. Hear things differently with Zeppelin Wireless.

The M-1 loudspeaker can be used on its own, with a subwoofer in a 2.1 system, or as part of one of our Mini Theatre systems.

Music. Movies. Television. 700 S3 Series promises to transform your living room into a haven of high-quality sound, thanks to its studio-grade technologies trickled down from the 800 Series Diamond.