Denon Australia is the world leader in digital surround audio technology. Having invented the 8 channel digital recorder in 1972, the AV receiver in 1988, the 6.1 AV receiver in 1999, and the universal SACD/DVD-Audio player in 2008, Denon represents the pinnacle of reliability, feature set and user friendliness in AV receivers today. As Australia's official number one Denon reseller for over 6 years in a row, Digital Cinema has the experience, expertise and buying power to deliver you the best solutions at the lowest prices.

Less Wires. More Drama.

Unleash dramatic sound from your favorite TV shows and movies with a Denon sound bar. Beyond sensational TV sound, Denon sound bars are also easy to set up and work with and TV.

Blockbusting 3D Sound

Versatile and uncompromising A/V Surround Receivers equipped with Denon’s high-end technology and experience. Meeting the needs of home theater enthusiasts and beginners alike.