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Grill and Chill this summer with Digital Cinema

If you have a beautiful backyard, perfect patio, delightful deck, amazing alfresco and/or a stunning swimming pool, you should have the speaker system to enjoy every weekend gathering there with family and friends.


Would you like to spend your weekend outside with friends? or do you like to enjoy a barbie outside every weekend? Outdoor speakers can help you achieve this. Whether its a small gathering or a large party or you maybe just sitting outside on the chair you have your latest read in your right hand and a kombucha in the left and your fave track playing in the background.


A big old outdoor speaker is made to use for outside that looks like a monstrosity however you don’t need to use this type of speaker in every party or friend gathering. Technology has grown. Now you have a choice of outdoor speakers which are more design friendly.


You may want to install outdoor tv to make entertaining the outdoor place. The best outdoor speaker systems are capable of connecting with projectors, TVs and other speakers in our house.


Anyone can do loud but instead of blasting sound which you cant hear properly, our outdoor systems provide you with clear sound at affordable prices. You can place them almost anywhere outside

  1. SONOS Amp Amplifier & Klipsch DS-180CDT Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers System

    As low as $1,699 Regular Price $1,997

    SONOS Amp Amplifier & Klipsch DS-180CDT Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers System