Please read below for a most entertaining read 

In this day and age of 'box movers' (read hardly normal - I coined that phrase by the way back in 1992!) retailers, it's refreshing to not be treated like a victim of avarice! Up until the early 1990's I managed various computer stores for the same company (Computer Spot) where I was very successful at sales and as a manager. I was successful as indeed were my staff because we treated customers as we wished to be treated - as a customer. To underline that, they put me in a store (out of 11) that had NEVER been off the bottom. Until I went there with MY staff and within a few months took it to number one (Liverpool!)! So to visit your store today was as if I was actually dropping into MY store on my day off! I congratulate you both (Atish & Bowen) for not once coming across as sales people, but rather as people trying to help me make a difficult decision - do I really need to spend money on ANOTHER amp? Thank you both, you made it easy to see that I was on the right track. And that's how my staff and I treated our 'customers' - we let THEM decide what they wanted. And they kept coming back because they knew we had integrity. On the other side of the coin, last week I purchased an LG C7 65" from the box movers, only because it was convenient to pick up the TV myself around the corner from the store. The sales pitch by the 50'ish guy was appalling - and he had been doing this for two years he told me. . . . look how thin the screen is (I don't care, I want superior visuals and audio - which is why I am interested in this TV idiot, reviewed as the best in Oz)! "Is Dolby Atmos worthwhile?" "It's no big deal!". Can you believe that! If I was the store manager there is no way that I would have tolerated that stupidity from a staff member. Having said that, I had extensive experience with (certain well known) franchisee's 25 years ago. Clueless. The mentality was to sit in the office and the money would roll in. One of them that had the computer franchise disregarded my advice that his 'security' staff member was ripping him off majorly. Hmm, didn't want to know. Next stock take, $170,000 stock missing. Customer warranties you name it. Today in this world of evil, I was honored by you both. Good karma is coming your way.