I had a customer who had come in wanting to view a projector. This particular projector is a “highly reviewed” product. After viewing it, I showed him another projector on exactly the same Blu ray player, hoping to sell him the one I preferred. The one I had chosen showed a far better picture for roughly the same price. The customer then told me he would buy the one he had originally come in for. He admitted my projector choice was far better and had a better picture. He said “I will still go with my one because I cannot get over what I have read”. This is a case of a customer brainwashing himself. I was astounded. One can be deceived by reviews, but not by one’s own eyes/ears.

Our speaker comparator broke down 2 weeks ago and a customer wanted to listen to a pair of Klipsch RF 82. I did not want to send the customer away disappointed. So as I was pulling out the Klipsch speakers I scratched the speakers which were situated next to them, the KEF Q900s (rrp $2999).

As a result I am doing them for half price – $1499. Photos below.

The scratches do NOT affect performance.

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