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End of the financial year is getting nearer. As you may or may not know new laws have passed that allow small businesses to claim an immediate deduction for assets they start to use – or have installed ready for use – provided each depreciable asset costs less than $20,000.

If you have a business and need a new projector or speaker setup for your business. Please get in touch with us right away.

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How to choose the right system

9/03/2017 10:00 AM

How to build the perfect hi-fi system

"It’s no good having a band with the 10 best guitarists if I don’t have a pianist,” said former Real Madrid manager Manuel Pellegrini after losing his job.

It’s an elegant metaphor, whether it’s describing a musical ensemble, a football team or a hi-fi system. In essence, it’s about balance as much as individual quality. The whole should amount to more than, or at the very least equal, the sum of its parts.

But balance is one of those concepts that can be hard to define, let alone to find. While a lot of it boils down to trial and error, there are certain guidelines that will aid and, hopefully, ease your path to sonic enlightenment.

Set a budget

The first two questions you need to ask yourself are: what will you be using your system for, and how much are you willing to spend?

The latter relates to the former. It’d perhaps be easiest to begin at the start of the chain – what will you be using as your source?

Each decision will have a knock-on effect: if you play all your music from your smartphone or tablet, but want a traditional hi-fi system, you’ll likely want something with Bluetooth built in. If you play mostly vinyl, you’ll need to think about whether you want a turntable with a phono stage or will buy the latter separately for more versatility when upgrading in the future. If this isn’t going to be your main hi-fi system, can you do without another CD player and invest more heavily elsewhere?

Make a list

It’s probably worth making a tick-list of the features you want, such as a headphone output or Bluetooth, and then prioritising the things you need most and those you can do without to make your money stretch further.

Having a realistic budget from the off will also help you spread your money more evenly. It should stop you buying your dream amplifier with the lion’s share, only to match it with a budget turntable the flaws of which it’ll emphasise, exacerbated by playing through a pair of speakers you found by your neighbour’s bin.

There’s more to careful pairing and system-building than simply buying components that retail at a similar price, of course, but budgeting properly for each part of the chain ought to set you on the correct path.

Think ahead

You might also have space restrictions. If you haven’t room for multiple components, you’ll need to consider if you can pool certain functions, such as a turntable with built-in phono stage, a ready-made system with amplifier and CD player combined, or active speakers, to reduce the number of boxes to accommodate.

This needn’t affect the quality of your system, and it isn’t a decision that needs be made solely on space, but think carefully about which parts you’re most likely to upgrade when electing those you can combine.

Choose the right speakers

Speakers react differently depending on their position in a room and how close they are to each other and to any walls, so the best-sounding pair you can afford when listening at a dealership might not be the best-sounding pair when you get them home. We always recommend measuring the dimensions of your room when it comes to choosing the right speakers.

Don’t be blasé when it comes to positioning, either; they’re likely to come with a manual with the manufacturer’s suggestions for placement, but there’s nothing like experimenting with a keen ear.

Consider all options

Of course, you may not be building your system from scratch. Perhaps you already have one or more components and now you’re looking to find the final pieces of the jigsaw.

We often make the point that you shouldn’t dismiss a product simply on its star rating in our magazine, but this is a particularly pertinent point if you’re looking to add to something you already own. Certain products may not be flawless all-rounders, but they could well have the blend of talents you’re looking for.

So often in life it’s the little things that can make the biggest impression, and that’s the case with system building.

Budget for any extras

Set aside funds for quality cables, stands and equipment supports – you simply won’t get your money’s-worth if you don't. And the golden rule, as always, is: never buy anything without having heard it first.

A good support lets your kit perform optimally. Turntables in particular are sensitive and respond well to a rigid, low-resonance platform, so steer clear of those wobbly floorboards or uneven bits of carpet.

And if you can use a dedicated mains outlet, that would be ideal – and avoid placing mains cables and signal cables too close to each other, as performance can suffer.

System suggestions

So there you have it. A few tips and tricks to achieving the system of your dreams. To help you on your way and hopefully provide a few sparks of inspiration we've already created a few systems that may (or may not) tickle your fancy.

We've covered various bases, using different sources and system components, all of which we know work together. Have a look and see what you think - we'll be adding more systems to this list as and when we've tested them


Article taken from Whathifi.com

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I remember the good old days when projectors would really excite me.  Nowadays I feel that a lot of manufacturers have really let their game down.  I also remember the Benq PE8720, what a machine!  Amazing physical presence, big bold chassis backed up by a bigger and bolder picture.  That was really the last time I remember being really impressed by a DLP projector.

Not too long ago I received a call from Andrew Lambkin @ Benq Australia telling me that had a new model ready for release and to be tested.  He brought the W11000 over to our Auburn store.  I was won over as soon as it was taken out of the box.  This was a formidable piece of equipment, almost intimidating.   The remote control and the control panel are amazingly solid.  We powered it on and used the Xbox One with 4k UHD version of "The Revenant" movie.  1 word - WOW!  I felt like I was taken back to the days of the Benq PE8720.  Back to the days where build quality took precedence over trying please the market by reducing quality so one could compete with substandard brands and their pricing.  Really, I cannot describe the picture in this blog, it wasn't a viewing it was an experience.  Everything was film-like, skin tones, black levels, colour saturation.  Andrew and I were amazed.  I put 4 on order almost immediately.

I am glad Andrew introduced this amazing machine to us, he looked very proud as he introduced the flagship W11000 4K UHD THX reference-grade home theatre projector to us.  It houses a big zoom and amazing horizontal and vertical lens shift capabilities, making it extremely flexible to fit into almost any environment.  Additionally, the W11000 is painstakingly engineered, built, and individually calibrated to deliver precise Rec. 709 colour and performance for an authentic movie-going experience the way filmmakers intended.  The best part is yet to come, this machine is the only 4k DLP projector on the market with THX 4k display certification.

Being in the industry one usually gets desensitised or even bored sometimes of new products or announcements.  The W11000 and the W8000 from Benq are really impressive, really really impressive.  It has renewed my vigour for projectors.


BenQ W11000 4K THX Digital Home Theatre Projector-1
BenQ W11000 4K THX Digital Home Theatre Projector-2
BenQ W11000 4K THX Digital Home Theatre Projector-3
BenQ W11000 4K THX Digital Home Theatre Projector-4
BenQ W11000 4K THX Digital Home Theatre Projector-5
BenQ W11000 4K THX Digital Home Theatre Projector-6
BenQ W11000 4K THX Digital Home Theatre Projector-7
BenQ W11000 4K THX Digital Home Theatre Projector-8
BenQ W11000 4K THX Digital Home Theatre Projector-9
BenQ W11000 4K THX Digital Home Theatre Projector-10
BenQ W11000 4K THX Digital Home Theatre Projector-11

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New warehouse

23/12/2016 12:59 PM

After years of our warehouse being at Meadowbank, we have moved our warehouse to Silverwater.   As is the case with almost all of Sydney, the Meadowbank warehouse is being knocked down in order to make way for apartments.  The great thing about Silverwater is that it is very close to our retail showroom.  This should help us become a lot more efficient in our services.  We are really hoping to have an amazing 2017 online as well as in store.  

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