Onkyo PR-SC5509 9.2 Ch 3D THX Ultra2 Plus A/V Processor/ Preamplifier - Black + Onkyo PA-MC5501 9 Ch THX Ultra2 A/V Power Amplifier - Black 

1 have ONLY 3 of these 2 piece Onkyo Pre and Power combo powerhouse, retailing @ $6798.00, on a very very special price. I am not going to spin a BS story about how a customer ordered 3 and cancelled or how another retailer went bust and we got these at a special deal. We simply order in large quantities and pass the discounts on.


I know the online price says $4988. This is NOT the special price. I'll mention the price just a bit later on. The above cannot be purchased online and can only be purchased on the phone or instore until stock sells out OR Saturday 14th July... which ever comes first. So here we go ... the price is for the above mentioned items -$6798 $4988 $3499 - THIS IS NOT A MISPRINT. BUT Wait there is MORE (ugly overly-used cliche, I know) Anyone who buys this will also get another bonus on top of this valued @ $299 - Please call me to secure this deal now, remember there is only 3 of these in stock!!! 1300859905 or email atish@digitalcinema.com.au