So, we had a few funny entries and there can only be one winner. Congrats to Joanne we will be contacting you shortly with further details.

There has been a rise in soundbar sales all across the country. However, I cannot stress enough that soundbars should always be plan B for the home theatre or living area. Perhaps sales people are getting lazy and not explaining the full story behind the soundbar. They are great if you just want to improve sound quality coming from your current TV, however they are, by no means, a replacement for your 3, 5 or 7 channel system + subwoofer(s).

A lot of soundbars lack a lot of bass albeit many systems include a sub. One must take into consideration also the placement of the soundbar, which, depending on your seating position creates sweet spots. If you are seated incorrectly it can give you a very flat experience. Also sound bars do not produce complete surround sound, which becomes very lacklustre and even more so in larger living areas. A lot, if not all soundbars come with a setting called “virtual surround” which is about as far from real surround and virtual reality is from reality.

There is a world of difference from having a soundbar and your receiver/amp and speaker combo.

A lot of our customers ask us to match eBay and other website prices. What the customers do not know is that sellers on eBay and some other websites are grey importers. A lot of the time they will not have the item in stock. Warranty becomes a major issue, because the local authorised distributors will NOT by any means cover products purcahsed through a grey importer. All grey importers claim that they have warranty however it must be sent back to them and not into a local authorised repair center.

The Australian government requires that all imported or locally manufactured electrical and electronic equipment comply with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) emission requirements. A compliant product must bear the C-Tick logo.

All of our products are C-Ticked. In saying all of this please call me or email me and I will try my best to get to those prices.

Here is her joke:

Plab B: Soundbar at

End of joke.