It has been a while, we have just finished setting up a brand new store in Auburn Primewest Mega Mall , Sydney. We have really had a great response in this new store, specially from our staff & brand reps, who now have access to McDonalds, Hungry Jacks & Doner Kebabs all within 5 mins of our new store. We are oficially open now so please give us a visit.

We have done home theater set ups & sales for a quite a few famous people in the past including footy players, tv show hosts and so forth. The most memorable one would have to be John Doyle aka Roy Slaven of the famous duo, Roy and HG. Really one of the most nonchalant customers ever. A true pleasure to deal with. 

HG was missing so this is Roy and BB (Bearded Blogger). Here is some feedback John provided for us.

“Atish arrived today. He organised it. He was here to help. He was not daunted at all by my ignorance in matters that involve new technology. It’s not that I have many problems at all, it’s just that I am not using the technology I have to its best advantage. He attempted to rectify this, but because I can’t remember which poem I used as the clue to my password we were stymied. But he has offered to help in the future, and I think I will need his help. Atish knows what he’s doing.”

Again, a big thanks to John for this! and a big thanks to all of our customers who have supported us for so long.