What an end to an excellent 2015, new store, new brands, myriad new customers. Our installation team has been flat chat for the last 3 months. The move to our new location has really worked out well for us as well as our customers. This year we aim to focus more on turntables, digital audio (streamers, DACs, digital amps). We will also be deepening our focus on our core business. 2015 we were the No 1 dealer for Denon, Epson, Arcam and a few other brands we cannot mention.

So as you know we have spent a wad full of cash in setting up our state of the art showrooms so, you, the customers can come and enjoy what is on display. Once in a while I will get customers come in and say they would like to demo a certain projector. What they do throughout the whole demo is chat to me face to face, which I don’t mind (I don’t know why they would want to stare at my mug), look at the actual projector hanging from the ceiling, look at the amp, blu ray player etc… look at everything EXCEPT THE IMAGE that is being projected!!! Please when you come in have a good look, we have set up this showroom for you.”