If you run a business, please drop me an email. Having a crappy Bluetooth speaker hooked to your playlist is probably getting a bit long in the tooth with your employees and customers. You want music! and good quality music! and a great variety of it!

“Ongoing research shows that music can boost performance in the workplace by reducing employee stress and depression, improving employee retention and saving companies significant amount of money,” says Joe Lamond, president and CEO of the National Association of Music Merchants, a music industry nonprofit in Carlsbad, Calif

A couple of good friends of mine own boutique florists. Both owners and their employees were complaining about the lack of quality in the sound they had in their retail spaces. I kept recommending Sonos to them, however there was a small problem, both of their networks were restricted by a floral delivery agent they deal with. However after the problem was resolved, I was in there with a couple of Sonos Play 5s, a Play 3 and a Play 1. All employees handed me their smartphones, set them all up in 5 minutes, and before I knew I was being hailed a hero! Seldom do people realise how easy it really is. A great deal of retailers fail to see how music affects their business.

These guy are not your average florists!

Buds & Bowers run by JJ

The Flower Room run by Wayne

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Some pics below