So, a customer from the sub-continent comes in (why I mention where he is from will make sense a bit further on in the blog). He wants to purchase an amp and a 5.1 satellite system, he knew what he wanted. He haggled me down to a price where he was dissatisfied and so was I. And as Henry Clay once famously said “A good compromise is when both parties are dissatisfied.” So anyway, after this he wanted a set of outdoor speakers for his second zone and the only ones that suited his taste were the last one on demonstration. He looked at them and asked for the price and I had told him the retails price, anyway after bargaining for so long on the first package I thought I would save both of us the headache and quote him the best price the first time around. Before I had a chance to so, he said “I will give you $X00 for those” which happened to be the exact figure I was thinking so my response was “Ok, done!” to which his jaw dropped. He then bombed me with the following or similar:

“Perhaps I should have said lower”

“You are ripping me off”

“You guys have bad customer service”

“You do not want to display anything”

Mind you, before this we were getting on well. So anyway this why I mention where is he from earlier in the blog, because I am also from that part of the world and (one of) his final comment(s) to me: “You are a racist” **SIGH** Sometimes we get funny customers but I say this, without sounding too cheesey, 99.5% of our customers are awesome, AWESOME to deal with.

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