NAD, or New Audio Dimension, are the famous producers of the 3020, the best selling Hi-Fi stereo amplifier in human history. Since that time, NAD has incorporated the world changing design of that iconic machine into their entire line of powerful Hi-FI amplifiers and AV receivers. At Digital Cinema, one of Australia's leading authorized NAD dealers, we have the correct demo setups to let you experience the full wonder of NAD's PowerDrive low impedance drive capability and distortion preventing Soft-Clipping circuit.

NAD 32

The NAD M32 was named a CES 2017 Innovations Awards Honoree. A preeminent panel of independent industrial designers and engineers as well as prominent members of the trade media judge products entered into this competitive program.


NAD Headphones

Since 1972, NAD Electronics has established a reputation for delivering rich, detailed sound to audio enthusiasts everywhere. Where once this engaging sound could only be heard within the confines of a home, NAD expanded their line to include three high-performing headphones that perfectly captured NAD’s signature sound.

NAD headphones
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