Wharfedale has been cementing their position as the highest value for money Hi-Fi and home cinema speaker brand for over 80 years. This has been achieved via crucial innovations in cabinet design, such as the side curve/heterogeneous sandwiches in the Diamond series and the Aperiodic semi-sealed system of the Jade series, along with a commitment to using die cast, open back drivers where competitors resort to low-cost, closed back stamped variants. As What Hi-Fi and Sterephile so eloquently puts it: "The Wharfedale Diamonds need fear no rival" and "The flawless, and remarkable, Wharfedale Jade punches way above its price". Digital Cinema is Australia's number one independent dealer of the Wharfedale Diamond and Jade series loudspeakers, with hundreds of sets sold nationwide. We have both the Diamond and Jade on demo in store and are highly trained in the art of matching amplification and rooms to each speaker model.

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Every detail from the analogue or digital music source can be heard, from the loudest transient to the micro-harmonics of individual instruments, with crystal clear clarity – the essence of Wharfedale Jade.

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