Cayin SOUL 170I Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier | Designed And Tuned In Germany

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Cayin SOUL 170I Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier | Designed And Tuned In Germany

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The CS-805A is the first amplifier in production to utilize KT170 tubes, designed in collaboration with Tung-sol. It features meticulous craftsmanship with handmade point-to-point silver wiring, ensuring optimal signal transfer and reliability. The amplifier is equipped with custom in-house high-current output-power transformers, which contribute to exceptional performance. Premium components are employed throughout the design, further enhancing the audio quality. Additionally, the CS-805A includes an on-board bias meter, providing users with a convenient way to make bias adjustments for optimal tube performance.

Cayin introduced the A-845PRO as their 25th Anniversary model in 2018, which received a warm reception and positive feedback from the market due to its exceptional sound performance and elegant cosmetic design. This success prompted us to consider expanding our product range and creating a new line of reference products for Cayin.

Product Description:

The Soul 170I is based on the Tungsol KT170 Power Tube and is capable of delivering 130 watts of power per channel in Ultralinear Mode or 75 watts of power in Triode Mode.

Operating in Class AB Push-Pull configuration, the Soul 170I utilizes two robust KT170 tubes per channel. It incorporates various tubes in its design, including the 22DE4 Tube Rectifier for power supply, ECC83S for voltage amplification, 6SN7 for the driver stage, and KT170 for the output tubes.

Following Cayin's design philosophy, the Soul 170I offers two distinct operation modes: Triode and Ultralinear. As mentioned earlier, these modes differ not only in their power output but also in their sound signature.

Switching between the modes instantly alters the sound profile. The Triode Mode provides a tender, harmonious, smooth, and gentle sound, making it ideal for vocal and instrumental music. On the other hand, the Ultralinear Mode delivers powerful and extended sound reproduction with a clean and energetic presentation. This mode excels with music that requires punch, dynamics, and exceptional control.

Cayin Soul 170I

The rear panel of the Soul 170I amplifier is equipped with three sets of line inputs, a set of balanced inputs (XLR), and a set of pre-in inputs.

In addition to the standard single-ended RCA inputs, our Soul 170I also provides the option of using XLR balanced inputs for enhanced audio performance.

The pre-in inputs serve a different purpose compared to the other inputs. They allow you to connect another preamplifier, enabling you to use the Soul 170I as a power amplifier in conjunction with a separate preamplification unit.

Furthermore, there is a pair of sub outputs located on the rear panel. These outputs can be used to connect your subwoofer system, enabling you to enhance the bass output of your audio setup. Simply use an appropriate interconnector to establish the connection.

Cayin Soul 170I

The rear panel of the amplifier features speaker terminals for both 4-ohm and 8-ohm speakers.

For convenient bias adjustment of the KT170 Power Tubes, user bias controls have been incorporated, accompanied by a meter on the top plate for easy monitoring of the bias levels.

The Soul 170I boasts an anodised aluminium front panel, a fully vented chassis with an exquisite finish, and elegant wood side panels, making it a visually captivating piece of art.

Like other products from Cayin, the Soul 170I utilises meticulous point-to-point wiring throughout its entire circuitry, including the signal path. Skilled craftsmen carefully hand-wire the components using heavy-gauge cables.

To ensure the longevity of sensitive components, the amplifier includes a soft-start circuit and a high voltage delay feature, providing protection during startup.

High voltage fuses are strategically placed on the top plate, close to the power tubes, offering reliable protection. In the event of tube failure, the fuse will react first, making it easy to identify and address the issue.

Premium components such as an Alps volume control, porcelain tube sockets, audio-grade capacitors, and carbon film resistors are incorporated into the design. The power supply features a toroidal transformer, while the output transformer is a wide bandwidth EI transformer. These carefully selected components contribute to the exceptional performance of the amplifier.

Output transformers play a vital role in any tube amplifier, as they determine the bass response and high-frequency extension. Cayin's output transformers are custom-designed, wound in-house, and built to be robust. They feature multi-layer winding and offer multiple impedance outputs to accommodate various needs. A meticulously matched output ensures a balanced, natural, and realistic sound across the entire audio spectrum.

The Soul 170I comes equipped with a custom-designed toroidal power transformer, delivering ample power and exceptionally low levels of hum, ensuring reliable performance and exceptional control.

Providing added convenience, the amplifier includes a remote control and has the ability to memorise the last operation performed when the unit is switched off.

Key Features
  • Power Output: TR 75W+75W (Triode Mode); UL 130W+130W (Ultralinear Mode)
  • Max Power Consumption: 680W
  • Tube: 22DE4*1, ECC83S*2, 6SN7*2, KT170*4
  • Output Impedance: 4Ω,8Ω
  • Remote control
Brand Cayin
Number Of Channels Stereo
Frequency Response 5Hz50kHz (-3dB)
Input Sensitivity 420mV (Integrated); 1300mV (Pre-IN)
Input Impedance 100 kΩ
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.2% (1kHz)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 97dB
Warranty Australian Manufacturer Warranty
Product Dimension (H×W×D) mm 448 x 238 x 430 mm³
Product Weight (Kg) 38.7 Kg
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