Take Gaming to a New Level

Gone are the days that Games were limited to a Computer screen or TV screen with stereo sound or headphones. With the global gaming industry set to hit a massive $256.97 billion by 2025. With more and more people getting into gaming in an astronomical amount, the technology that drives gaming is also evolving at a drastic pace. 4K gaming is no longer a recommended spec but a minimum requirement. With gaming graphics becoming more life-like, so much importance is now being given to the sound engines in the game that now games support full DOLBY ATMOS and surround sound.

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Enhance your gaming experience

Take your gaming to new horizons with the GD711’s HDR10-capable LED projection in 4K UHD and go full speed in FHD at up to 240Hz on PC or choose from various modes that support variable refresh rate for both PC and next-gen consoles. Your game-ready home theater has arrived.