This is a question, almost all of the home cinema/ audiophiles will come across at one point of time. Purchasing an all powerful and all integrated Receiver may sound like a no brainer but both have its own pros and cons. This week let us dig deeper into this age-old question.

When you have decided to go ahead with your Dream home theater build almost everyone will tumble upon the question, Do i need an Amplifier or a Receiver? Isn't that the same thing anyway?

Even though the terms are often used in the wrong sense, these two are clearly two different components and have clearly two different areas of functionalities.

So what is an Amplifier?

An Amplifier is a device that takes an audio signal and amplifies it and feeds the amplified signal to the speakers.That's the only job of an amplifier. And when you ask the question Receivers Vs Amplifiers it's not really technically correct as the amplifier needs some other components(like preamps, processors ) as well to work in sync to get the most of it.These components together are called Separates. So the real question is really Receiver Vs Separates. Check out some of the amplifiers thats on sale.

What is a Receiver ?

A Receiver is a multitasker which has all the components you need to power your home cinema just by itself. It has an inbuilt Amplifier, volume controls,media inputs, media switchers and what not.

The idea of Recever is already sounding better and more convincing since it's an all in one package right, well there are situations where a system using an external amplifier clearly outperforms the receivers. This is one of those situations where your Pros are your Cons. Since Receivers are an all in one machine, it has to do a lot of job simultaneously and for the ears of an experienced Audiophile, he/she can clearly say if the sound is coming from a receiver or an amplifier.

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So what is best for you?

That depends on what you want your system to do. If you are setting up a home cinema (Take a look at the complete home theater packages on offer) and you need to connect your TV , Speakers, consoles , and what not into one central control interface and switcher - Receivers are your friends.

Whereas if you are a hardcore audiophile and has that ear to clearly distinguish each note of your music , and if you want it to sound as it was intended to sound then you need an amplifier.

Pros and Cons Of Receivers


All in one Unit - When you get a receiver, you’re getting almost everything you need for your home theater’s audio setup all in one neat package. This includes multiple inputs for audio and video, volume/input controls and added functionalities like, the preamp, amplifier, and possibly a tuner.

Small form factor - Since everything is included in one package, it won't take up much space or power that would have been required if you were running a fully separated system.

Cheaper - Receiver setups are generally cheaper when you compare it with a Separates system.


All in one system - As we discussed earlier the Pros and Cons of the receiver are the same. Since Receivers being an all in one system, it's a jack of all trades but master of none. Also the inbuilt amp of the receiver will be underperforming when it's compared with a full standalone amplifier.

Expensive when Upgrading - Once you are planning to upgrade the receiver, it can be expensive as you have to replace the whole unit.

Pros and Cons of Amplifiers.


Control- You are in complete control of the signal that goes into your system. Individual controls for the preamp, amps and speakers etc makes it a super personal system that can be tweaked into your personal taste.

Quality - When you listen to the legendary Aussie Blues Carsons,you expect to hear it in its purest form and that's where a Separates system outshines the Receivers.

PS: Australian Blues Fans - Google Carson if you don't know about them yet.There must be a reason  why they are called Australia's best kept secret.

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Expensive - Buying all components for a Separates system can turn out more expensive.

Takes up more space and power-With an amplifier and separates you are going to need a bit more space to completely set up the full system. Since each component is self-contained, the system as a whole takes up much more space than an all-in-one setup with a receiver and the power requirements for each component is definitely more.

Receivers are now kicking up their game as nowadays standalone Stereo Receivers are on the rise.Stereo receivers are purely for audio, they usually have functions like radios, input selectors for picking different audio sources, and volume controls, but they usually won’t come with any support for video sources.

These are for people who aren’t interested in a home theater but just want a convenient setup for them to listen to their music. And it’s still a great cost-efficient option to power your speakers for casually listening to music!

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